OneHash Bitcoin Betting Review

OneHash is a mutual Bitcoin Betting Site. Certainly, that’s one of its biggest differences with the competition. That being said, it’s an easy site to play on, and it provides an exciting user experience.

We will start by presenting the Gambling Games available on this site. Then, we will review Sport and eSport Betting opportunities.


Last update: December 15, 2023


OneHash Bitcoin & CS:GO Gambling Games


Live Betting

Bet Types

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Crypto & Payment


Crash (Moon) and Dice popular games

Sport & eSport Betting

Game Contests

Game Fairness verification for each game


No Live Betting (Sport Betting)


On OneHash, you can play 4 different gambling games. Dice and Moon (Crash Game) are two traditional bitcoin/CS:GO Gambling Games. Goals and Slots have been developed by OneHash. 

All these games are exciting and easy to begin with. The best way to understand how they work is to click on the “Tutorial” button on the game. Then, an animation guides you through the screen and presents all betting options.


Game Verification

In each game, you can find a “game verification” link. It will show you how to use an algorithm to check game fairness. 

 In other words, OneHash lets you verify that games run correctly. 


eSport Betting 

OneHash enables you to bet on CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL Games. Betting on both Sport and eSport is mutual betting.

To illustrate this specificity, they made an excellent 1-minute video.

Sport Betting

Major sports like Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, and Tennis are on the line. Seasoned sports punters may regret there are no live betting and complex bets like parlays…


Special Events Betting

You will find in this category: entertainment and politics.



There are two easy ways of placing bets! You can either use BTC that you have deposited to your OneHash wallet or by directly transferring BTC for a given event. In other words, you can wager without having to sign-up. 


There are daily wagering contests on Dice and Crash Games.


Current and new users bonus 100% up to 1BTC!!! See T & C.

OneHasah Payment Methods

One word : Bitcoin. Yeah, you don’t have a choice. The good news is, it is the best way to deposit and withdraw!


Conclusion on OneHash


OneHash is a pure Bitcoin Gambling site. It provides very popular Dice and Crash Games. On the betting site, you can enjoy mutual Bitcoin Betting on sport, eSport, entertainment, and Politics. 

In addition, you can play fully anonymously on OneHash. You can register with a single email address. You don’t even have to sign-up to place a bet! 


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