How To Get Started with Bitcoin

In 2020, Bitcoin is an asset giving you both a high potential¹ investment and a modern payment method. Regardless its price, you can still buy a fraction of a Bitcoin corresponding to your budget.
This page is a six (6) minutes guide to get started with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. In addition, it brings you $10 of free Bitcoin through our link.

Coinbase is a platform that makes it easy to buy/sell Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, or Stablecoins (like Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, and more). It is both an exchange and a Bitcoin Wallet. So with a single account, you’ll be able to buy/sell in the market. Secure, Send and Receive Bitcoin.

This page guide you to :

  • Create a Coinbase account
  • Get $10 of free Bitcoin
  • Start using Bitcoin

In order to receive $10 of free BTC, you have to use our Coinbase link and initiate a buy or sell of $100 or more (see T & C on Coinbase).

1/ Open a Coinbase Account

Go to Coinbase ►

Download the app

(Mobile devices only)

Enter and submit your email address and information required

You may need to send a copy of your identification as well

2/ Select your payment method

Go to linked account

(or equivalent page on device app)

Choose ‘Link a New Account’

Pick your favorite option

  • Credit card is the fastest one
  • Bank Account has the lower fees
    (may take 2-5 days to verify)

Follow the verification process

3/ Purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase

Go to Trade page

Select Buy

Select Bitcoin in Currency to Buy

Enter the amount you want to Buy

(in Bitcoin or local currency)
You need to buy $100 or more to get $10 free bitcoin through our link

Select your coinbase Wallet and your payment method

Make sure to confirm your order amount and click Buy

Congratulations you just bought your first Bitcoin!

4/ Deposit Bitcoin at a Sportsbook or Poker Room

Login to your Sportsbook or Poker account



In the copy and paste process below, make sure to copy and paste to avoid typing mistakes. If you send Bitcoins to a wrong address, your funds cannot be recovered.

Go to your cashier and choose deposit in Bitcoin option

Back to coinbase, choose send Bitcoin

Paste the Bitcoin Address and type the amount to send

Click send

Get started with Bitcoin and others Cryptocrurrencies

Now that you registered on coinbase, you have access to one of the best platforms. First, it is easy to use. Secondly, handling other cryptocurrencies works the same way as Bitcoin. When it comes to payment methods, some Cryptos are good alternatives to Bitcoin. For example, Ethereum gives fastest confirmations², Litecoin have lower transaction fees³.

Top 3 Bitcoin Sportsbooks

  • BONUS up to 1BTC
  • Best odds
  • Accessible anywhere

Best Bitcoin Poker Rooms

  • BONUS up to $2,000
  • Tournament & Cash Game
  • Jackpot